Monday, December 8, 2008

Camera shopping...

My husband decided to be extra-nice for our daughter's birthday this year. She is getting ever more into photography, and has taken absolutely amazing photographs with a good point and shoot digital camera. So he thought she might like a digital SLR to use instead.

The look on her face was absolutely priceless when he told her what her birthday (and Chanukah) present was going to be! (We gave her a week's warning before her birthday, so she could research). He asked her if she had a birthday/Chanukah list - and she sort of looked at him like he had two heads (it's been years since we've asked her what she wanted). Then he said, "how about a DSLR?" I think he sent her into shock - and now I really wish I'd thought to have a camera on me to capture her face then...

He had a great time with this - it was a lot of fun for him, and I think her reaction was quite gratifying :-).

She spent every available minute researching cameras, and while she lusts after the high-end models, she does understand our budgetary constraints. And so is willing to make some sacrafices. As she says, she didn't think this was something that was realistic for a couple of years. She has made her pick of camera, then next came choosing where to buy it.

This time of year is definitely a good time to be shopping for something like this - holiday sales can be great. We've checked around, and found a really great deal - not only can she get a good price on the camera - but she can get a second lens pretty much for free. And the deal gets sweeter - we can get a good printer for a steal by buying it with the camera and lens bundle.

She had to wait until the day after her birthday for this deal to start - and she was chomping at the bit for Sunday to come so she could get her new camera. (The printer is for me - and I admit - I'm salivating over it...). But she was nice and didn't drag me out the door first thing in the morning. Hubby did express surprise to her in the morning that we hadn't camped out at the store to be there as soon as it opened. So off we went to get her present (and mine!).

Now here's where I get to tell you what a great kid I have. The store hasn't gotten in the second lens yet that is in the bundle. There are other stores that probably have the lens in stock, and would price-match the first store. But in order to get me the printer (I want it sooo badly!), she is willing to wait until the store gets the lens in, and buy it from them.

I guess she's a good daughter ;-). Thanks kid!

(check out her blog, Reasons I Love Europe, and our Etsy Shop - prossackdesignstoo - to see her photographs)

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