Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Camera Chronicles, Part 2

My wonderful, sweet, patient, caring daughter (can you tell she's holding a cat {with claws} to my head?) says that I owe a new post about her camera ordeal. She was so patient and gracious about it at first – willing to wait until the day after her birthday to get it, so that I could get my printer with it. (Of course, waiting a day also meant that she would get a telephoto lens for free – remember - great sale?). Well – the lens didn't come in with their weekly shipment on Monday. It can take them all day to find out everything that's on the truck, so the manager had said he would call us the next morning to let us know if the lens had arrived.

We waited a bit Tuesday morning, and didn't hear anything. So we decided to head over to the store with fingers crossed that they had gotten the lenses in. Of course they hadn't, and the manager wasn't even coming in until the afternoon…grrrrrrrrr. So we went back home, disappointed, and perhaps more than mildly ticked off?

We knew we couldn't get another store to match the deal – it was too good, and besides which, we'd already tried on Sunday. (I tried to not have to make her wait – you know, one of those attempts at being a nice mom). Now, when we were at the store Tuesday morning, the person we talked to had checked to see if any of the other stores in the region had gotten in the lens. (We're not mad at him – he was helpful). None of the stores had received them – but the warehouse had 25. Obviously the warehouse got the shipment after they had sent the trucks off to the stores.

So we ended up ordering online through the store – and my poor baby had to wait until yesterday to get her birthday present. She of course thinks we just should have gone the online route in the first place… But she knows that we might not have been able to do that on Monday (meaning she might have gotten the camera on Tuesday instead of Wednesday) – since on Sunday they weren't in stock online either. And actually, I think the warehouse only got them on Tuesday anyway. Both of us had checked in the morning, without telling each other of course, and I got a shipping date of the 15th for the lens, while she got a date of the 16th. When we got home from the store though, and ordered – the lens was now magically available next day, along with the camera and printer.

Now, we truly ascribe to the theory that everything happens for a reason (it may be years until you know the reason, but, hey…). Waiting to order online until late Tuesday morning meant she got everything at once, and I got an extra bonus. I got an online coupon for the store on Monday – for $25 off any online or phone order over $75 (the camera/lens and the printer came to a bit more than that). (Whee – free money!!!).

So we ended up with a really great deal – but my poor, poor baby had to wait until late afternoon on Wednesday to get her hands on her new camera – which she is absolutely in love with.

(Umm, Kid? Could you please remove the cat from my head now?)

update: the manager did call, and told us to order online - he finally got word that they wouldn't be getting the lenses into the stores, and they would only be available online or by phone order... grrr - but not at him ;P


Ashira said...

Cat removed :D

Michelle said...

Thanks, dear :P - I was starting to get scared...

The Empty Envelope said...

How stressful!! Hope it works out!

Hahahah at the cat on your head:). That's where they go!

Michelle said...

Thank you Empty - it did work out - she is madly in love with her camera, and learning all the ins and outs of it. The poor cat has to learn to get used to the fact that this camera is noisier, and the flash brighter, than the camera before!