Tuesday, November 24, 2009

blog neglect and news

Oh my poor, neglected blog! But I've been busy!!!

And I got rid of my kid!!!

Well, unfortunately, Holiday on Ice did not work out for my daughter - it ended up that they could not use her this season... So when she got that news, she sprang right into Plan B. Her other interest had been in teaching English in foreign countries. So she applied to take a CELTA course (creme de la creme of teaching certificates) in Prague. They wanted to take her, but the last two spots were already promised to others. Then, the Thursday before the course started, they contacted her and told her she was in if she wanted. So everything got thrown in the suitcase and she flew out the next day! It was totally crazy!

The next month was an extremely intensive course of study and teaching. She and her classmates were all exhausted, but she still thrived on it. She's a little strange that way - give her too much to do and she's happy as a clam - especially if it's challenging!

Now, she has been in Moscow for a week, and started teaching this week. Once again she is tired, but happy. She has been wanting to return to Moscow ever since she came home two years ago - so Moscow is where she wanted to teach. We were all very excited for her when she got the job.

And the best part is, I got rid of my kid! Oh, and I get her room now, hehe. I'll be spending time over the next month or so shifting my workroom to her room, which is larger and has more light. And then my room will become the guest bedroom which she'll use when she comes to visit.

So Cheers to getting my kid out of my house, and to her starting a new phase of her life - love ya, kid!

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