Sunday, August 2, 2009

water, water everywhere

It decided to rain earlier. Let me rephrase that... it decided to flood earlier. We looked out our side windows, and saw puddles in our lawn. We decided that we'd better check out our downstairs (actually, I wasn't quite ready to, but hubby decided not to wait). Well, that turned out to be a good decision - water was just starting to get into the house.

So we decided to go outside to see if we could stop it (every time we think we have it licked, we're proven wrong, after a brief reprieve...). Cleaned leaves out from the drain, and hubby started bailing out the stairwell. Which only worked for a little bit. Meanwhile, the rain is coming down in torrents, with thunder and lightning attached. We kept trying to figure out how the water was getting into the stairwell, but nothing we did was successfully blocking it this time.

After a bit - I realized that I'd better check into what was happening in the basement. And I kicked myself when I got there for not having come inside sooner. The water had gotten past all the newspaper I had put down to absorb it... So I pulled out our trusty wet-vac, and spent the next hour? vacuuming up water. Luckily the rain finally slowed down, and even has stopped for a while - so hubby got to stop bailing, and I got to stop wet-vaccing.

So now my back and my arm hurt! And I doubt that hubby is in all that much better shape...

I really hate it when it rains too hard for the ground to absorb the water..............

Not what we thought we'd be doing today! I really think I need to find something fun to do now!!!

Edited to add: well, no wonder - just checked the Weather Channel, and there's Flash Flood warnings for the area... :-(